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Look Around or scan your Radar for new buddies around you and enjoy improved chatting encounter using whisper messages that disappear later. You might even utilize doodle and cute stickers.

DeveloperBT Mobile Private
Latest Version 3.0.11

BeeTalk is a tool that’s quite like Tinder. It enables you to connect to other people that are close to where you’re, so long as the two people today share some sort of mutual curiosity about something.

Actually, BeeTalk works almost just the manner that Tinder does. You will see profile photographs alongside the individual’s age, and you simply need to slip your finger to the left to signify that you are not interested or into the appropriate to signify that you’re. When two individuals have swiped into the right, you may begin to talk utilizing a personal chat. Whether there are different users a couple of meters apart, it is going to reveal to those users. But if the nearest individual is 500 km away, then, well, it is going to reveal to you the individual.

BeeTalk is a really interesting tool to permit you to meet folks, also it enables its users to easily and easily interact with one another.

App Features:

  • Send messages which disappear after being read!
  • Scan the region and Find even new Friends!
  • Endless talk time, voice and texts messages
  • Sketch and draw for your friends!
  • Enhance your chatting experience with adorable stickers!
  • Group Vote Enables Us to find out others’ tastes
  • Produce & Combine clubs round you. Meet new Friends with precisely the Very Same Interests.
  • Join Newsgroups to discuss and talk on many different fascinating topics.

*Some of the aforementioned features are only available in selected countries.